Houthi militants storm school in Amran

19/12/2011 -

Alsahwah.net – Armed men of the Houthi group stormed on Monday a school at Shaharah area of  Amran governorate , wounding a teacher while he was heading to the school.


Local sources affirmed that the Houthi militants expelled the students  and teachers, and positioned inside the school.    


 For his part, the Teacher Syndicate's chief in Amran governorate denounced the shooting on teachers and students, affirming that the education would be suspended in the school until the leave of the militants.


Houthis have attacked a Sunni Islamist school and other sites in the northern province of Saada, killing and wounding dozens of civilians.



A Yemeni journalist team has visited Saada to watch the humanitarian conditions of the Damaj district that has severely been boycotted for more than a month and deprived of all foods, medicines and all forms of relief by Houthi militants.


Houthis plans hold on Yemen's Northern provinces in an attempt to open an arms route to the Red Sea, Yemeni politicians said.


Many observers say that Iran provided weapons to the Houthis in their last major battle with the Yemeni government in 2009 and 2010.


They pointed out that the Houthis main strategic objective is to control Midi, a small port with access to the Red Sea through which to funnel weapons, and the nearby coastal town of  Salif.