Yemen opposition calls for saving GCC initiative

4/12/2011 -

Sahwa Net- The Joint Meeting Parties has affirmed that the Yemeni regime violates the GCC-mediated power transfer initiative, pointing out that it thwarts the formation of a military committee as the initiative stipulates.


The GCC-mediated deal has included a term of formation a joint military committee to be headed by Vice President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi. This committee is to maintain security and stability and removal of military checkpoints and security tensions.


However, sources of the opposition said President Saleh refused the opposition's candidates for the committee. 


JMP of Taiz called the GCC states and ambassadors of the European Union to shoulder their responsibilities and denounces attempts of the regime to break down the initiative.


Forces of the Yemeni regime violently shelled the southern city of Taiz on Saturday, killing two civilians and wounding four others as they targeted residential squares.


Local sources said that snipers loyal to the regime standing up rooftops of houses, public hospitals schools and shot fire on civilians.


The new casualties take the death toll of clashes and heavy bombing by government forces since a weak to 21civilains.


The escalation of violence came hot on the heels of an order by Vice President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi late on Friday to cease fire and negotiate a pullout of troops and militiamen from the city.