Medical sources: The Yemeni authorities hide corpses of killed protesters

16/5/2011 -


Sahwa Net staff

Sahwa Net, Sana'a- Medical sources at the Military Hospital in Sana'a have revealed that dozens of corpses of protesters who were killed by security forces were hidden by the Yemeni authorities in unknown places in an attempt to conceal evidence of crimes committed against peaceful demonstrators.


The sources affirmed that the Central Security and the Republican Guard kidnapped dozens of the killed and wounded persons and escaped them.


Security sources affirmed that the corpses of protesters were transferred from the Military Hospital's mortuary in framework of a security campaign to conceal evidence of murder crimes committed by security forces against peaceful protests.


"The authorities are currently attempting to contact families of the killed and persuade them to waive the killings of their relatives in return for cash compensations" the sources affirmed.


They said these security moves came after UN High Commissioner for Human Rights approved dispatching an international investigation committee to assess violence acts committed against peaceful protesters.


The Yemeni security services failed last Wednesday to hide a body of a man after he had been wounded and kidnapped by the security forces that attacked a peaceful march at Alzira'a Street in Sana'a and transferred him to the Military Hospital where he passed away. 


The sources quoted eyewitnesses as saying that dozens of killed and wounded people are still held by the Yemeni authorities, affirming that there are special security units that are in charge of kidnapping the killed and wounded following violence acts to hide crimes committed  by the Yemeni regime. 


"I once tried to take a wounded man to the hospital, and suddenly a taxi was parked in front of me. The drive got out and helped me to put the wounded on the car, but he quickly gets inside the car and with high speed escaped" One eye-witness said.


A Yemeni human rights organization, Hood, revealed that dozens of protesters' bodies were taken into a cemetery at Artel area of the capital, Sana'a.


Hood further said that it received statements from medical sources saying that dozens of protesters corpses were taken to graves after the mid night on a Hilux, affirming that some residents of Artel area informed it, just after 12 hours of receiving those statements, that they found out a mass grave in which 15 bodies were buried.  


The UN human rights office said Friday that Yemen has granted permission for a mission to examine violence during anti-regime protests in the country.


"We have been seeking access to Yemen," said Rupert Colville, a spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.


"Yesterday we received confirmation from the permanent mission (embassy) in Geneva that we can do a mission to Yemen," he told journalists.


"They suggested we visit at the end of June; we would like to go rather earlier than that, and we stand ready to deploy as soon as we can."


Witnesses in Yemen said Friday that security forces had massed in the capital Sanaa ahead of rival demonstrations for and against the regime of embattled President Ali Abdullah Saleh.


The UN human rights chief, Navi Pillay, has expressed alarm at what was described as the disproportionate use of force by Yemen authorities against protesters.