International mediators upholds law of "transitional justice"

19/1/2012 - – The Yemeni parliament could not manage Wednesday  to approve  immunity law after the Prime Minister Mohammad Salim Basindwa  failed to attend parliament.

Well-informed sources said the government postponed the approval of immunity law as Yemeni political sides reached agreement with international mediators to uphold the law of " transitional justice".  

That came following Yemeni protesters strongly refused the approval of immunity law that would have  been the outgoing President Ali Abdullah  Saleh and his aides immunity of judicial pursue.

The UN Envoy to Yemen Jamal Benomar has said that the immunity law contradicts the international law, pointing out that the UN could not uphold any law that grants immunity to those who committed violations and war crimes.

Saleh signed a deal with the GCC that he would give up power and then step down entirely in return for immunity for him, his relatives, and his cronies.