Parliament approves immunity for Saleh

21/1/2012 - – Yemen's parliament passed on Saturday a law granting the outgoing President Ali Abdullah Saleh immunity from prosecution.

The  parliament also supported the candidacy of Vice President Abdu Rabu Hadi for early presidential elections to be held on February 21 ,2012.

The interim government attended the parliament session in which Basindiwa said that he knew  that he would be slammed due to the approval of this law.

"However, I will sacrifice for the sake of my nation" he said while tears were dropping form his face.

This  law gives Saleh full immunity and shield his aides only in "political cases".

Saleh signed a deal with the GCC that he would give up power and then step down entirely in return for immunity for him , his relatives, and his cronies.

Protesters have been demanding that Saleh faces justice rather than be given immunity from his corruption and crimes.