JMP: Execution of oppositionists is a violation to immunity law

1/2/2012 -

Yasser Alwesabi The alliance of Yemen's main opposition parties has condemned the execution of two Yemeni oppositionists in a political case.

Spokesman of the JMP Abdu Al-Odaini said that the execution of Khalid Nahshal and Abdu Nahshal was a clear cut violations of the immunity law granted to the outgoing President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

He further said that the execution was a political retaliation due to their support to the opposition candidate in 2006 presidential elections.

Meanwhile, a high-ranking officer of Hood human rights body ,Abdul-Rahman Barman, said that the Yemeni authorities politically-motivated executed on Tuesday two persons, pointing out that the execution is a crime against humanity.

"Khalid Nahshal and Abdu Nahshal were executed by a political decision , not by a judicial sentence"  Barman said. 

He made clear that their case was caused by political conflict of the 2006 presidential elections.

He further said that the outgoing President Ali Abdullah Saleh and his followers put pressures on the judiciary to issue such unfair sentence.

"Many lawyers previously called for reconsidering the sentences issued against the defendants as their case were not put before an independent judicial authority" he said.

"However, political and tribal pressures were stronger, and lawyers were not allowed to attend before the court."  

He cited that this case did not have any basic prosecution standards, affirming that witnesses were not able to testify at trial and they were beaten and assaulted.

"Even the judge admitted that he was not able to secure the witnesses in case they attended," Barman added.

"This trial was motivated by political retaliation , the law of the jungle, and it lacked transparency and justice." 

The main Yemeni opposition parties, the Joint Meeting Parties, had called Vice President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi to suspend this execution, stressing that it was a political case that should be included in the immunity law granted to President Saleh. 

The defendants were among 32 people charged with killing at least one government official during the presidential elections in September 2006 in an exchange of fire between a group of armed men loyal to President Ali Abdullah Saleh and those who supported the opposition candidate Faisal Bin Shamlan.