JMP not to take part in inauguration ceremony for Hadi

26/2/2012 -

The coalition of the Joint Meeting Parties has said it will not take part in the inauguration ceremony of the newly-elected Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi set for Monday.

The spokesman of JMP Abdu Ghalib Alodaini affirmed that the inauguration was carried out on Saturday as Hadi took oath with the presence of political forces representatives foreign diplomats and ambassadors.  

He told that JMP rejected the proposal of the ceremony, stressing that such act is illegal that contradicts all agreements, he referred.

He affirmed that the JMP informed the new Yemeni president that they will not take part in such ceremony.

He said that the appearance of Hadi beside Saleh will annoy those people who flowed to polling station on Tuesday for voting.