Gunmen of Yemeni regime surround state newspapers

4/2/2012 -

Yasser Alwesabi

Gunmen loyal to the outgoing President Ali Abdullah Saleh have been surrounding the state-run Al-Jomhoria newspaper for two days after the newspaper commuted  its  publication policies and became more independent.

An editor of the newspaper, Zakria Al-Kamali, affirmed that over 100 armed men surrounded the newspaper with the support of policemen.

He pointed out that the newspaper's headquarter is located close to the public security, but security forces remained silent.

Following the formation of the interim government , Al-Jomhoria witnessed complete changes in its cover and hosted writers who are disgusted by the Yemeni regime.

Deputy Information Minister Abdul Al-Jandi who is among the most loyal officials to Saleh had expressed his sorrow after Saleh's image was removed from Al-Thawra newspaper, threatening that he will resign.

A day after his convulsive remarks, armed men surrounded Al-Thawra ,entered the newsroom and took over the publication.

The Yemeni Journalist Syndicate has strongly condemned the siege of the state-run Al-Thawra newspapers and its staff, considering such incident a threat against Yemeni journalists, demanding the concern authorities to immediately end the siege, arrest the armed men and bring them to justice.

For its part, the Yemeni Journalist Syndicate demanded Vice President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi , the newly-established military commission and all the state that adopted the GCC-brokered power transfer to end such violations against Yemen's press institutions.

It further held the interim government and the military committee responsible for protecting journalists of the newspaper. 

YJS said that the armed men affiliated to Saleh attempt to raise turbulence and chaos with the aim of disturbing the early presidential elections scheduled for February 21.