VP orders Republican Guard to end military actions against Yemeni villages

4/2/2012 -

Yemen Vice President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi has directed commander of the Republican Guard Ahmed Ali Saleh to stop attacking Arhab and Nihm, outskirt of Sana'a, well-informed sources to Al-Khaleen, an Emirati newspaper.  

Al-Khaleej said Hadi asked Ahmed to totally end the military operations launched against the villages and redeploying forces of some camps positioned nearby these villages.

Tribal leaders of Arhab and Nihm  had demanded Hadi to promptly withdraw the militaries positioned around their villages, affirming that humanitarian condensations of locals sharply deteriorated  as a result of increasing attacks against their villages.

Statistics have recently revealed that the Republican Guard killed 27 civilians, wounded 109 others including 17 handicapped persons , demolished over 198 houses and displaced 487 families in Bani Jarmooz , rural area nearby Sana'a.

Over 1200 families were damaged by bombardments, and dozens of wells, trucks and other properties were destroyed in Bani Jarmooz alone.   

In a press conference held in Sana'a on Wednesday, representative of  Bani Jarmooz said that their villages are still to constant attacks with various kinds of weapons.

He made clear that the Republican Guard planted landmines in farms and roads, indicating that many people were killed and others were handicapped as a result of landmines.