JMP warns of attempts to disturb elections

5/2/2012 -


The alliance of the main opposition parties, the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) cautioned against any attempts to disturb the presidential elections scheduled for February 2011.

A statement released on Sunday, JMP called on all Yemeni people to take part in the elections and vote for Vice President Abu Rabu Mansour Hadi.

The statement also urged the government to engage in dialogue with Yemeni protesters and all Yemeni political parties in order to pave the way for elections.  

Under the as the GCC-brokered power transfer, Hadi is the consensus candidate of major parties in a presidential elections scheduled for February.

After the elections, the GCC deal sates, Hadi will oversee national dialogue to consider proposals for constitutional reforms that include replacing the presidential system with a multi-party parliamentary system.