Republican Guard block Sana'a-Hodeida road

19/3/2012 - - Forces of the Republican Guard blocked on Sunday a main road linking between Sana'a and Hodeidah in Manakha and Al-Haima districts, about 80 kilometers in the south of Sana'a. 

Passengers told that three checkpoints were installed on the road and they were not allowed to cross them.

They said that troops of the Republican Guard headed by a son of the former President Ali Abdullah Saleh told them they blocked the road in protest at attempts of reconstruction of the military.

They further said that the troops allowed some vehicles to cross in return for some money, pointing out that some vehicles were subjected to plundering and robbery.

A lawmaker, Rabeesh Al-Alaee, said that the blockade of the road was to prevent some Yemenis from going to Sana'a to mark Al-Karama Friday(Dignity Friday) on which forces loyal to Saleh killed and wounded hundreds of peaceful protesters.

He further said that Saleh tries to provoke turbulences across the state, pointing out that his supporters attack power lines and oil pipelines.