Fate of Saudi diplomats uncertain

17/4/2012 -

Alsahwah.net – The fate of a Saudi diplomat, Abdullah Al-Khalidi, kidnapped in the port city of Aden is still uncertain after three weeks of abduction.

While Security Chief of Aden, Sadeq Haid, has said  Al-Khalidi will be freed soon, other sources said that Al-Qaeda militants captured the Saudi diplomat.

The Saudi Ambassador to Yemen had called all Saudi diplomats to move only under tight security measures in the wake of the abduction.

News reports stated that the diplomat was kidnapped by supporters of the former president Ali Abdullah Saleh with the aim of distorting the image of the interim government and show that it unable to perform its duties.

Media sources anticipated that the diplomat might be kidnapped by the Southern Movement with coordination with Iranian agencies with the aim of extending the circle of friction with Saudi Arabia.