Crowds condemns rebellion of commanders

23/4/2012 - Massive crowds took into streets on Monday, condemning the rebellion of military commanders against decrees issued by President Abdu Rabo Mansour Hadi two weeks ago.

 They demanded Hadi and the government to arrest the former commander of the Air Forces and the Tariq Mohmmad Abdullh Saleh who still refuse Saleh's decrees.

 They further asked to strip them from their military ranks, pointing out that Saleh's family loots government institutions and spark turbulence across Yemeni governorates.

 Media sources said Hadi threatened Al-Ahmar last Sunday with stripping him from military rank and bring him to a military court in case if he continued his rebellion against his decree.

Al-Ahmar had refused a decree of Hadi and sent armed men to surround Sana'a International Airport. His armed men threatened to target civil airplanes, so flights were canceled for an entire day in the wake of the decree.