Tribal leader accuses Saleh of revoking immunity

3/4/2012 - - A leader of Hashid tribal confederation Sadeq Al-Ahmar has demanded the former President Ali Abdullah Saleh to leave Yemen as a condition to maintain his immunity from prosecution, stressing that his stay inside the country will lead to revoke the immunity granted to Saleh by the parliament.

In an interview with the Emirati Al-Khaleej Newspaper, Al-Ahmar unveiled that contacts were carried out with the witnesses of the GCC-mediated deal or reconsider and amend the deal to include restrictions that guarantee the success of  the deal.

He expressed support to the participation of Al-Qaeda and the Houthi group in the inclusive dialogue conference to be held soon.

He said he refused the federalism as the new system of the state, voicing its support to the centralism system.