More than 600 inmates face scabies in Hajjah jail

5/4/2012 - Director of the central jail of Hajjah governorate, Yahyal Al-Mualami, has revealed that scabies spreads among the inmates of the jail.

In an interview with the state-run Al-Jumhoria newspaper, Al-Mualimi said the spread of scabies was as  a result of the lack to a heath unit that checks the inmates before putting them in the jail.

He pointed out that the disease was discovered inside the jail two weeks ago, and some patients were taken to hospitals, saying that the disease return to inmates after sending them back to the prison.

He further said that all prisoners should be taken to hospitals to get rid of the illness.

He further revealed that inmates suffer severe conditions inside the jail, pointing out  that some inmates were inflicted with craziness.