Leader attempts to unite southern factions

5/5/2012 -

Alsahwah.net- A southern leader, Mohammad Ali Ahmed, who has already returned from the exile exerts efforts to unite southern leaders to participate in the immanent dialogue conference.

According to a state-run newspaper, Al-Jumhoira, Ahmed conducts extensive meeting with prominent leaders of the southern movement and tribal sheikhs.

Al-Jumhoria quoted source as saying that Ahmed managed to alleviate the tensions of southerners, pointing out that he chaired a meeting in which southern leaders agreed to end any differences and disputes.

Ahmed who is considered among the prominent exiled southern leaders, and he spent about 18 years in exile returned to Aden in late March.

Ahmed who served as a governor of Abyan, and interior minister before the Yemeni unification in 1990 said after his return that he came back to struggle for the sake of the southern independence.