Six foreign al-Qaeda members killed in Yemen

2/2/2013 - Four Somalis and two Saudi who are members of al-Qaea were killed in clashes with t he Yemeni in Rada'a of Al- Baidah governorate in the past few days, an Emirati newspaper, al-Khaleej quoted Yemeni sources.   

The sources affirmed that a number of Aficans were also arrested during clashes between the army and al-Qaeda in which dozens of both sides were killed and wounded.

Increasing people of Rada'a were displaced as a result of clashes between the Yemeni army and al-Qaeda militants in Rada'a of Al-Baidha governorate.

Government officials affirmed that dozens of displaced persons arrived in the neighboring governorate of Dhamar.

Local sources have said that a tribal mediation from Marib governorate managed on Tuesday to stop clashes  between the Yemeni military and al-Qaeda in Rada town of al-Baidaha governorate.

The sources said that tribal leaders from Marib met with al-Baidha governorate Al-Dhahiri Al-Shadadi and agreed upon stopping the military campaign against al-Qaeda militants in Rada.

A military campaign including hundreds of troops headed on Monday morning  towards the governorate of Al-Baidha in which militants affiliated to al-Qaeda are existed.

A suicide bomber killed 11 soldiers and wounded 12 others in Rada area of al-Abaidah governorate on Monday, security sources told 

Yemen's security forces say that militants of al-Qaeda are active in al-Manasih area of Al-Baida, pointing out that they have three western hostages who were kidnapped last month from the capital Sana'a.

Local sources said that violent clashes broke out, but they do not give information about the number of victims.

They said that the campaign led by the deputy chief of  the General Staff Mohammad al-Maqdashi raided some areas.