Do women lives and wellbeing matter to the UN?

Do women lives and wellbeing matter to the UN?

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The UN knows that the spoilage of democratic transition in Yemen by a radical theologian and prehistorical militia in Yemen is not only a blow to its resolutions concerning Yemen. But also a blow to human rights in general and women rights in particular.

The outcomes of the National Dialogue 2013-2014 were going to guarantee Yemeni women 30%  quota of representation in government. It was a dream of decades edging close to reality, before the Houthi-Saleh militias rose up in a fierce war to prevent the historical transformation .

The militias aggressive and terror activities did not only dash the women's hopes of freedom, rights and political participation coming their way. But rather minimized women's dream to getting a meal and a safe place to live in. Women bore a significant portion of the misery, as they lost their houses, relatives, body limbs in landmines, jobs and stable life in dignity and sense of security.

The UN watches this and knows this. Yet chooses to pamper these terrorists to continue their relentless terror campaign the destroys the future of all Yemenis, women and men, the people of today and the generations to come.

These rebel militias are a religious extremist organization that has been killing Yemenis out of religious motivations and based on mystical beliefs that power is a God-given right endowed by God exclusively to their leader, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi.

They believe and fight for the Houthi family's exclusive right to reign, narrowing it further from their own Shiit Zaidi wider sphere of al-Batenin, the offspring of Fatima, the daughter of prophet Mohammed (PPH).

They previously even fought battles to eliminate the prospective rivalry of Abdul-Adheem al-Houthi,a cleric from the same clan with  their  leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi.

Will such slavery fighters accept a ruler who is not Houthi? Not Hashemite? Not a man? Their religiously founded racism is layers thick. They believe democracy is a product of the infidel West and a violation of (their own version) of Islam.

And that no matter how many people they kill to keep the reign in al-Houthi's hands, they are in, Jihad worship and increasing in connection with Allah.  

A lot of women have lost their limbs in landmine explosions in Taiz and elsewhere. Many many women who were before the radical militias' takeover housewives are now beggars in the streets.

Many girls who were before the takeover schoolgirls are now married off by their desperate parents to adult husbands for cash, although they are still underage.

This war ruined the lives of all Yemenis of all ages, sexes and walks of life. But women, and children of course, were the worst affected and most forgotten.

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