Govt. official condemns Houthi-Saleh displacement of Taiz families

Govt. official condemns Houthi-Saleh displacement of Taiz families


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The Minister of Local Administration Abdulrqeep Fatah the Chairman of Supreme National Relief Committee has condemned the Houthi-Saleh rebel militas' for forcing 60 families in a village in Jabal Habash district of Taiz into displacement under the intimidating fire of artillery and planting of landmines around their houses.

The militias forced the people of the village of al-Ashrooh to displace and occupied their village as a vantage point to shell new villages and areas in the surroundings.

Fatah called on the UN Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs in Yemen Jamie Mcgoldrick to condemn the militias atrocities and to pay a visit to the city of Taiz to have a close look at the impact of the radical militias' committed abuses on civilians, including women and children, and see the havoc they wreaked on the city.

He said that the militias systemic abuses in Taiz which frequently claim children's lives, the en mass displacements of civilians and, first and foremost, the  three year long siege they lay around the city amount to war crimes.

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