Yemen Press Cutting

Yemen Press Cutting

  1. A Houthi sniper killed a young girl in Yemen's central al-Beidha province on Sunday.Eyewitnesses told news site that a Houthi militant gunned down Adelah Abdulkarim al-Mansouri as she was going out of her houses in Ashar region in al-Beidha. Houthis have killed several hundreds of Yemeni civilians by sniper shootings in Beidha, Taiz and other cities.

  2. Rebel leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi has issued directives to his followers to recruit more fighters from Hodeidah, Taiz, Raymah and other provinces but spare his dynasty "Hashemites."Several media reported this story elaborating that Al-Houthi justified his directive with the fact the large numbers of Hashemites had already attained martyrdom.

The Hashemites is the family of Islam's prophet Mohammed to which most Houthi leaders belong. The Houthis' perverted form of Islam believes in the dynasty's divine right to rule unrivaled and killing anyone who opposes this dogma. 


  1. The relatives of seven people killed by a US drone on January 28 staged a protest rally in front of the office of the governor of Shabwa province on Sunday. The relatives issued a statement saying the US drone killed their seven civilian relatives when they were inside a car on the look out for missing child from the village in al-Saeed area in the eastern southeastern province. The statement said the killing of the seven people is "an abolishment of the international customs and the international human rights laws and covenants which sanctify human life and respect human rights.

The protesters called on the government, the Arab Coalition and the UN Security Council to examine this "heinous crime" and to restitute the rights of the slain to their relatives. #Source: Several media.


  1. Houthis have conducted a military parade in Yemen's central province of Ibb. Dozens of new recruits in the ranks of the Shiite Islamist terrorists marched in the streets of Ibb in a show of force chanting the militia's rallying cry "Death to America …"

The parade coincides with a campaign the militia is conducting to recruit new fighters. Roving Houthi campaigners on cars go from neighborhood to neighborhood with loudspeakers to call for people to join their ranks in the fight against the government. #Source: Several media.


  1. Houthis have forced dozens of school teachers in Sana'a to attended religious sectarian courses, Anba Aden news website reported. The radical rebel militia seeks to re-indoctrinate the whole community under their control to become "holy warriors" against the government.


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