Houthis massacre children playing football in Taiz

Houthis massacre children playing football in Taiz


Houthis have killed two children and injured eighteen others in Yemen's central Taiz, in the latest of their systematic brutal slaughter of civilians in that province.

The Shiah Islamist extremists fired a salvo of artillery shells toward a playground where children were playing football on Tuesday afternoon in the neighborhood of Oseifirah in downtown Taiz, local sources told news websites and TV channels such as al-Arabiya. 

One boy, by the name of Mohammed Abdulah Abduh Ghaleb 13 years old was killed on the spot but another one of the injured is said to have succumbed to death hours later. Al Moshahed, a local news website, collected the names and ages of these boys among the injured:

  1. Nabeel Mohammed Ahmed Moqbel Naji, 16 years old
  2. Osamah Ahmed Hassan Ahmed, 17
  3. Khadhem Mokhtar Mohammed Dawood, 14
  4. Ahmed Saeed Naji Al-Shara'abi, 12
  5. Hakeem Abdul-Qawi Abdullah Qasim, 19
  6. Baleegh Razzaz Farhan Mohammed, 21
  7. Saber Razzam Mohammed Radman, 19.



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