Scene of Sana'a before Ramadan: Houthis have turned life a hell

Scene of Sana'a before Ramadan: Houthis have turned life a hell

Sana'a has always had its own beautiful atmosphere and rituals for Ramadan. Even the days before Ramadan would witness upbeat celebrations and preparations, mainly lavish shopping for the holy month.  This continued only until the Houthi rebels triggered the nationwide upheaval in 2014. Ever since and up to this year, the beautiful atmosphere has been missing and is widely felt so. The rebels have suspended the payment of salaries, committed horrific abuses and badly changed all aspects of life, which will make the imminent Ramadan a sad month instead of its history as a month of prosperity.

Our correspondent secretly wandered in the markets of Sana'a to observe the purchasing power and people's preparedness for the month.

In the popular street of Hayel, Khaled a salesman, said that there are too many people  in the markets but are "spectators not buyers" because of the loss of incomes over the past years.

He said, "This year we are preparing to offer the essential commodities only, what is necessary to spend this blessed month," adding  that "the economic situation now is not reassuring"

"I am a government employee and you know that salaries no longer exist in our lives," said Jamil Qutaina, one of the shopkeepers. "What can we do given these high prices (we stand helpless)."

"Markets and streets are full of people, but the surge in prices, especially the prices of Ramadan's essential commodities, has prompted many families to seek to buy the essential requirements only," he said.

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