Large number of landmines, explosive devices dismantled

Large number of landmines, explosive devices dismantled

Alsahwa Net- Large numbers of landmines and explosive devices have recently been dismantled in some areas around the city of Hodeidah, military sources said.

The sources told Alsahwa Net that the Houthis randomly planted landmines, pointing out that they do not care for the lives of civilians who are often fallen as victims of landmines.

Human Rights Watch has highlighted the indiscriminate use of landmines by Houthi rebels “in at least six governorates,” creating a legacy of civilian deaths that will extend decades beyond the end of the conflict.

Yemen’s human rights minister Mohammad Askar denounced a report, pointing out that it ignored the Houthis’ many war crimes and the underlying reasons for the conflict — the coup carried out by the Iran-backed militia against Yemen’s legitimate government.

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