Parliamentary bloc of Islah meets Russian Ambassador

Parliamentary bloc of Islah meets Russian Ambassador

Alsahwa Net- The Islah party’s parliamentary bloc headed by Abdul-Razaq al-Hajari, on Thursday met the Russian Ambassador to Yemen Vladimir Dedushkinto.

Both sides discussed Yemen’s updates, the deal reached between the government and the Houthi rebels last month in Sweden, and the preparations for resumption of holding parliamentary sessions.

Al-Hajari highly appreciated efforts exerted by the Russian Ambassador for finding a political solution for the Yemeni crisis on the basis of the three terms of references, hoping that Russia would exert more efforts to end the coup, restore the Yemeni state and reconstruction.

He further asserted that peace will be achieved when the Houthi militias surrender weapons, withdraw from the state institutions and abandon the idea of superiority.

He explained the violations committed by the Houthis against Yemeni politicians, pointing out that the Islahi leader Mohammed Qahtan has been languishing inside their prison for about four years .

He also cited that the Houthis blew up houses of their political foes and destroyed the social fabric and arrested journalists and activists.

Al-Hajari stressed that Islah strongly supports efforts of counter-terrorism, affirming that the Islah party suffered more than any party of terrorism and his leaders were assassinated in Aden and other governorates.

He further said that Islah refuses any military formation or militias outside the framework of the army.

Al-Hajari spoke about the preparation for the resumption of Parliament’s sessions, appealing to the ambassadors of friendly states to put pressures on the Hotuhis in order to allow those members of Parliaments, who are still in Sana’a, to attend these sessions.

For his part, the Russian Ambassador highly lauded efforts exerted by Islah to reach peace in Yemen, expressing hope that diplomatic mission would be able to return to Sana’a after reach a reconciliation.





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