Parliamentary bloc of Islah meets French Ambassador

Parliamentary bloc of Islah meets French Ambassador

Alsahwa Net- Parliamentary bloc of the Islah party headed by Abdul-Razaq al-Hajari on Monday met French Ambassador to Yemen Christian Testu in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

During the meeting, Testu was briefed on ongoing arrangements for holding Parliament’s sessions in the capital Sana’a, the significance of resumption the sessions of Parliament and improvement of the government’s performance.

They discussed further Yemen’s recent developments in light of the Houthi circumvention to implement the Stockholm's Agreement.

The members of Parliament affirmed the party’s position supporting peace, stressing the necessity of ending all roots of the Houthi coup, surrender of the state weapons .

The ambassador was also briefed on the endless violations committed by the Houthis against Yemenis, which include murder, blow-up of civilians’ houses, and abduction of activists, journalists and politicians.

The lawmakers highly appreciated the French positions supporting the Yemeni legitimate government and sustaining reaching a reconciliation.

They further said that the resilience of the international community in dealing with the Houthis encouraged them to continue their violations against the Yemeni people, emphasizing that the Houthis do not only pose dangers to Yemenis, and that they also pose threats to the region and the global waterways.

For his part, the ambassador hoped that the Houthis would withdraw from Hodeida and its ports according to the Stockholm agreement, reaffirming the necessity of reaching reconciliation, the restoration of the state institutions and rescuing the state economy.

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