Houthis bomb ICRC Headquarters in Hodeida

Houthis bomb ICRC Headquarters in Hodeida

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis militia bombed on Friday local headquarters of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Hodeida, west Yemen, local media outlets reported.

Local sources said that a park in Al-Duraihemi, south Hodeida city which the ICRC and other international organizations use as a headquarter for their emergency operations in Hodeida, came under artillery shelling.

The ICRC and other humanitarian organizations use the park for food aid distribution.

A United Nation (UN) brokered peace agreement failed to cease the fighting in Hodeida which erupted mid-2018.

The UN Special Envoy to Yemen, said last week peace efforts in Yemen including the Stockholm agreement on Hodeida could be reversed by increasing military escalation.


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