Army destroys landmines planted by Houthis in Hajja

Army destroys landmines planted by Houthis in Hajja

Alsahwa Net- The Engineering workforce of the 1st Brigade of the Special Forces in Haradh of Hajja, has destroyed 800 landmines that were laid by the Houthis in northern areas of the governorate.

Ali Jubran, deputy director of the Military Moral of the 1st Brigade, said that landmines clearance continues in different areas of Haradh district.

This is the fourth time that collected landmines being destroyed in Haradh, according to Jubran.

Landmines still represent a challenge that hinders displaced people from returning home, he said.

The landmines clearance in Hajja is done by the Yemeni government’s forces in coordination and support by the Saudi-funded MASAM mines clearance project.

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