Houthis force public teachers attend sectarian courses

Houthis force public teachers attend sectarian courses

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis militia has forced scores of public teachers to attend sectarian courses despite suspension of education over risks of the coronavirus which is known as the COVID-19.

Sources in Sana’a said that during the last three days, the Houthis forced over 80 teachers to attend sectarian courses in closed rooms of basements.

The Houthis chose particularly teachers of the Holy Quran and the Islamic education to the forcibly- attendance of the two-week sectarian courses.

The Houthis look for change of the pupils’ ideology through the change of teachers minds when the latter adopt the Houthis’ extreme ideology.

In this respect, the Houthis continue child military recruitment among the schoolchildren despite the suspension of education.

Local sources said that the Houthis invited hundreds of the schoolboys to come to the school for the Houthis sectarian courses despite being on leave to stay at home over risks of the COVID-19 possible spread.

The Houthis who manage the education since they seized the capital Sana’a in late 2014, have been working hardly to install their extreme ideology among the school children.

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