Three al-Qaeda militants captured, one killed in Lahj

Three al-Qaeda militants captured, one killed in Lahj

Yemen's security forces in the governorate of Lahj on Sunday managed to capture three al-Qaeda militants and killed another one.

The Yemeni News Agency (Saba) quoted a Yemeni Brigadier, Saleh al-Sayed, as saying that the operation was accurately carried out in accordance with intelligence information.

Al-Sayed said that this operation came a week after an operation killed al-Qaeda leader in Lahj, Abu Ali al-Lahji.

Meanwhile, the Yemen government is to prepare a plan to eliminate al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula from the governorate of Abyan.

According to Saba News Agency, the government held a meeting with the local authorities in Aden And Abyan, stressing the importance of defeating any al-Qaeda attempts to exist in Abyan governorate.

Prime Minister Ahmed Obaid Bin Daghar directed ministries and competent authorities to provide any equipment and supplies to security services in order to enhance their performance

Aden Police Department on Friday declared it captured a dangerous al-Qaeda militant, Abu Dujanah, who carried out a number of assassinations in Aden.

Sources of Aden Police Department told Alsahwah Net that a counter-terrorism unit stormed into a place in al-Mimdarah neighborhood in Aden and managed to capture Abu Dujanah.

Security sources said that Abu Dujanah admitted, during investigations, that he carried out assassinations against security and military officials in Aden.

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