Yemenis commemorate sixth anniversary of youth revolution

Yemenis commemorate sixth anniversary of youth revolution

Yemenis commemorated on Saturday the sixth anniversary of Yemen Youth Revolution in a number of Yemeni cities which are run by the legitimate government.

Revolutionaries in Marib and Taiz, al-Dhala'a and other cities marked this occasion with attendance of high-ranking officials and military commanders.

They vowed to liberate all Yemeni governorates and defeat the Houthis and ousted president Ali Abdullah Sleh.

Youth, women and even children took part in these celebrations, wearing Yemeni flags and singing the national anthem.

The revolutionaries called to prosecute Saleh and the Houthis, citing that they committed crimes against Yemenis.

In Ibb governorate, which is still run by the Houthis of Saleh, dozens of women took to street, demanding to put an end to the Houthi coup and restore the legitimate government.

On February 2011, Yemenis took to streets and demanded to the ouster of Saleh, accusing his regime of corruption.

Saleh resigned on February 11, 2012 according to a GCC-brokered deal, but he allied with Houthi rebels and carried out a coup against his descendant, President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi.

However, the coup failed as the Saudi-led Arab Coalition intervened and supported the Yemeni internationally-recognized government led by Hadi.

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