China to take part in reconstruction of Yemen

China to take part in reconstruction of Yemen


Ambassador of China to Yemen Tian Qi has expressed the readiness of China to take part in the reconstruction of Yemen.

In a meeting with President Abdrabbu Manasour Hadi, the ambassador pointed out that putschists in Yemen are still intransigent, and refuse to bide by peace or terms of references.

He also said that the wars waged by the putschists increased the suffering of  civilians and caused economic crises.

For his part, Hadi highly appreciated the Chinese stances towards the Yemeni people, pointing out that the Yemeni government looks forward to the participation of China in reconstruction of Yemen and restore infrastructure.

He emphasized that the solution in Yemen will be based on the terms of references which includes the UN Resolutions on Yemen, the GCC-brokered deal and the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference.

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