Medical sources:3500 Houthis killed in Dhamar

Medical sources:3500 Houthis killed in Dhamar

About 3500 Houthis including high-ranking have been killed since March, a medical source told the Saudi newspaper of Okaz

The source said that more than 100 Houthis corpses were delivered to hospitals of Dhamar during the past few weeks.

It also said that the Houthis in collaboration with the former governor of Dhamar Hamoud Obad recruited dozens of children to involve them in their wars.

Deputy Human Rights Minister, Nabeel Abdul-Hafeez, had revealed that the Houthis recruited about 10,000 child as soldiers.

Abdul-Hafeez said that the number of recruited children is increasing, stressing that militias of the Houthis and Saleh commit a lot of violations in the areas run by them and most of them are not known for media outlets and human rights organizations.

It is worth mentioning that the Houthi Movement recruited thousands of children and involved them in different fronts without the knowledge of their families. Those families who objected were threatened with punishment.

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