PM: Our children must be protected from extremism

PM: Our children must be protected from extremism

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Prime Minister Ahmed bin-Daght has said that Yemeni youth  have to be protected from extremism and bad ideologies.

During a visit to the governorate of Abyan, he asserted that the governorate will be under the reign of no authority other than state.

 "the era of al-Qaeda and ISIL is gone forever thanks to the [sacrifices of] peopleAbyan and decision taken by H.E President Had the commander of the armed forces". He added.

He further emphasized that the Yemeni people will win the battle against the Saleh-Houthi coup militias.

"We are heading toward making the temporary capital, Aden, a role model for security and social peace, a city free of weapons. We will impose a ban of weapons carrying. That is also the will of the commander and President [Hadi] and the decision of the government" he continued.

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