Seven banks to relocate to temporary capital, Aden

Seven banks to relocate to temporary capital, Aden


The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Yemen Khaled al-Abadi said that "At least seven banks will relocate to Aden" from Sana'a where they continue to operate the Central Bank's relocation to Aden.

"There was no objection to their move but they need sometime to make the move. Now they are considering that (relocation)," he told the al-Sharq al-Awsat regional daily.

"We have informed the commercial banks that external transfers will be jumpstarted soon," he said adding that "some simple conditions; to provide important information, e.g. their budgets, statistics and relocation plan."

"We paid the salaries in most the provinces but unfortunately we could not pay them for some provinces. The revenues from provinces under the rebels' control are not sent off to the Central Bank."


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