For a country without terror

For a country without terror

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Terrorism is a danger, a challenge and a catastrophe. And to tackle it seriously, the world countries need to pool efforts to create a state in Yemen and not leave the country open place for terrorist militias and groups to proliferate. Where states collapse, terrorism proliferates into colonies, just like fungi.

Different armed groups with different banners emerged in Yemen as a result of the fall of the state, which besets Yemenis with two threats; the absence of the state and the groups that filled the vacuum imposing themselves by force. And this is what sets the stage for the birth of violence, the essential character of terrorism.

The Yemenis are in dire need for a state that guards the society against savagery, which thrives when the state is not present. We all have to contribute to building the state/government by acknowledging and submitting to its supreme authority as the only one entitled to possess and use weapons. We will be able to protect our society against the miseries of conflict as long as we are politically mature in this respect.


An excerpt from a article posted by the Vice Director of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform Party, Adnan al-Odeini, on his Facebook page in 2017-10-26

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