Army arrests secessionist figure's hooligans

Army arrests secessionist figure's hooligans


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The army has arrested hooligans affiliate to the secessionist figure Aideroos Azabeedi as they attempt to prevent the security forces in Mahran from relocating prisoners to another city.

Azabeedi's armed supporters, led by Qasem Athawbani, tried to bar the security police from transporting people facing murder charges from a prison al-Mahra to another in Mukalla of Hadhramout but the army arrested them.

A couple of days ago Azzabeedi arrived to the southeastern province of Al-Mahra with these armed escorts, members of the self-proclaimed "Transitional Council", to meet influential chieftains and canvass and drum up support for the idea of divorcing the north of Yemen with which the South united in 1990.

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