Most terrorist operations steered from Sana'a, Interior Minister says

Most terrorist operations steered from Sana'a, Interior Minister says

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Minister of Interior Maj. Gen. Hussein Arab said that "most of the terrorist operations that occur in the government-held territories are steered from the capital Sana'a" which is controlled by the ousted dictator president Saleh and his allied Houthi rebels.

He said that the interrogation of arrested suspects "showed that there are groups and sleeping cells that receive direct support from the rebels in Sana'a" with the rebels' aim is to send a message to the world that the government-held areas "are not stable.

Among the extremist groups that the Saleh-Houthi alliance sponsors is al-Qaeda organization.

But he said the security measures have launched measures "especially in the government-controlled areas including Hadhramout, Marib, Aden and Shabwah. Most of the members of terror cells are of Yemeni nationality."


During his 33 year long rule that brought to official end by the 2011 populist uprising, Saleh used to brag about his ability to "dance on the heads of snakes", a metaphorical expression for mastering the "balance of power" plots and ploys. Among those plots, according to the 2011 populist protesters who caused his ouster, was his playing of "al-Qaeda card"; strengthening the terrorist organizations to create an international dependency on him and, by extension, support for him for combating this threat.    

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