Taiz JMP condemn intimidations against Taiz finance leaders

Taiz JMP condemn intimidations against Taiz finance leaders

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The Joint Meeting Parties, a coalition consisting of most Yemen's political stakeholders, has issued a condemnation against the threats that some gunmen poised to the main finance leaders in the province.

"Some figures keep trying to obstacle the efforts to jumpstart the state institutions and enforce law and order," said a statement the JMP released. "The latest such provocative acts are the threats poised by gunmen loyal to Taiz deputy governor Aref Jamel to the Director General and staff of the Finance Ministry branch and to the Director General of the Tax Department. In addition to the verbal threats against the Director General of the Central Bank of Yemen branch office in Taiz."

The statement said Jamel's further obstacles include his "undue appointment of persons in places where occupants duly appointed by the Governor are still sitting."

The statement accused Jamel of seeking to "reverse" the steps that the high-level government mission to Taiz headed by Dep Premier Abdul-Aziz Jubari "have just taken to restore the state and re-normalize that daily life" which the Saleh-Houthi rebels had messed with. 

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