Houthi militant assault educators in Hajjah

Houthi militant assault educators in Hajjah

A Houthi rebel militant in Hajjah, Faysal Jogheiman, has assaulted the vice director of the local Education Office, Ali Saeed and Abdullah Saeed on Wednesday when protesting for the suspension of their salaries, local sources said.

According to the same sources Nabil Al-Hajjaji another official in the Education office also received threats from Jogheiman.

Last Sunday another Houthi militant had severely assaulted the principal of Omar bin Abdulaziz School, Yahya al-Yemeni for not registering the militant's child in the overbooked school.  

The attack on the principal drew a wide resentment in the city that is suppressed under the Houthi militias' brutal rule.

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