Twenty prisoners go on hunger strike in Houthi-Saleh jails

Twenty prisoners go on hunger strike in Houthi-Saleh jails

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Twenty prisoners have begun a hunger strike in the Houthi-Saleh militias-run jail of the Political Security (intelligence) in Sana'a, in protest over denial of their relatives' visits to them, the mothers of the prisoners said.

The prisoners had been abducted years ago, put in jails and as of 27th August 2017 referred to courts for political dissent against the radical militias that is locked in a battle with the internationally recognized government and the backing Arab Coalition since 2015.

The prisoners mothers, organized as the Abductees' Mothers Association, is the organization following up on the detainees situation with the most zeal and concern.

They stage rally after rally and protest after protest to call on the international community to prevent the degrading treatment and brutal torture of their children reported on jails.

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