Taiz pleads for UN intervention to stop Houthi-Saleh "flesh mill"

Taiz pleads for UN intervention to stop Houthi-Saleh "flesh mill"

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The local government in Taiz has pleaded with the UN to act quickly to "stop the flesh mill and mad attacks" of the Houthi-Saleh militias in Taiz, a reference to the  rebel militias' continual shelling in the city the latest of which killed and injured eight children in the city's western side on Thursday.  

In a press statement, the local government said that Thursday's attack was "an episode in a series massacres that have been committed by the rebel militias for more than two years and a half."

The statement read: "In plain sight and silence of the international community, the civilian people of Taiz have become a direct target for all types of weapons that the rebels have in their arsenal. Densely populated neighborhoods and markets are targeted and houses are destroyed, in an obscene crime of war against the civilians. Had their been an international will to deter these criminals and enforce the international law, such crimes would not have continued."

The militias which encircle the city for more then two years continually fire Howtzer and mortar rounds into the city killing and maiming civilians most of them young boys and girls.

The images of charred and dismembered corpses of killed children is a common scene in the city and on local media after every bout of bombardment.  


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