One case of anthrax infection reported in Taiz

One case of anthrax infection reported in Taiz


Medical sources have reported a case of infection with anthrax in the central Yemen city of Taiz which has been under the siege of Houthi-Saleh radical rebel militias for nearly three years.

"One case of infection was recorded. It was discovered in the city (of Taiz) and confirmed in the central lab," the Director General of the Health Ministry branch office in the city, Abduraheem Assamiee to the London-based Al-Arabi al-Jadeed daily.

He indicate that the patient was subjected to treatment and has cured.

"Anthrax is one of the diseases that had disappeared in Yemen in the  eighties of the past century," he said attributing the comeback of the disease to "the collapse of the health system in the highly populated Taiz province and the omission of checkups and follow-ups on infected animals."

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