Houthi militias break detainee into two halves under torture

Houthi militias break detainee into two halves under torture


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The Houthi-Saleh militias do things unimaginable and only ISLIL may do when it comes to torturing their detainees.

Last Saturday peaceful oppositionist Ahmed al-Wahashi, one of their detainees, died after they tortured him too brutally and broke him from his backbone into two halves.

Informed sources told Al-Asima news website that he was incarcerated in Habrah notorious jail.

"The supervisors of the jail Hani Asoreihi and Abdukhaleq al-Matari had been torturing him for days" before they broke him into two halves.  

The mothers of the prisoners in the Houthi-Saleh militias' jails, organized in the self-proclaimed Abductees' Mothers Association, said that al-Wahashi's death  is the latest of so many activists who have been killed under torture of the radical militias. The militias have killed 70 activists under torture over the past two years, Association  sources told the website.  

Torture techniques the militias use include electric shocks, sleep deprivation, mock execution, hanging upside down by feet until consciousness is lost and severe beating, to name just a few.    

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