PM says conflict will continue since rebels refuse peace

PM says conflict will continue since rebels refuse peace

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Prime Minister Ahmed bin-Daghr said that "the battle with Houthi rebel militias will continue as long as the militias refuse the Arab peace initiative and the UN resolutions."

"For ten years, the Houthi rebel militias have been receiving regular support from Iran, and now they represent a direct threat to the  security of the Kingdom (of Saudi Arabia) and the GCC states," the Middle East News Agency (MENA) in Sharm El Sheikh quoted bin-Daghr as saying on Tuesday.

He blamed the Iran-aligned militias' for the country's " slide into unrest" saying the global peace is an eventual aim of this turmoil.

He said that the government alone is willing for peace and showed flexibility and offered concessions in the peace talks of Geneva and Beil in Switzerland and the talks of Kuwait, the outcomes of which the Houthis refused all.

 He said the militias are determined to hand over their arms or withdraw from cities, the internationally supported principles of any settlement.

Bin-Daghr said that unless the militia is disarmed, it will morph into a new radical group modeled on Hezbolla in northern Lebanon.

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