Pro-government fighters killed by booby-trapped rebels' corpse

Pro-government fighters killed by booby-trapped rebels' corpse


Two pro-government fighters in Al-Zaher of the central Yemen province of al-Beidha on Monday by a landmine the Houthi-Saleh rebels planted in the corpse of one of a rebel comrade, local sources told website and TV channel.   

The pro-government fighters were cleaning the plain of fighting from any corpses when a Houthi corpse detonated killing two local fighters repelling the rebels.

Government reports say the militias planted more than quarter a million landmines since the beginning of the war in 2015. The landmines kill more civilians than combatants because they are ubiquitously planted and disguised in ordinary objects, some of them in stone shapes.

Human Rights Watch said on April 2017 that "the Houthi-Saleh forces’ use of banned antipersonnel landmines in Yemen has caused numerous civilian casualties and hindered the safe return of civilians displaced by fighting."

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