Oil Ministry said UN mission biased in Houthis' favor

Oil Ministry said UN mission biased in Houthis' favor

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Yemen Ministry of Oil and Minerals has expressed surprise over the UN Humanitarian Coordinator Jamie McGoldrick's warning of the exhaustion of oil supplies in the rebels-held parts of Yemen.

A source from the Ministry said the McGoldrick's statements affirm again that the UN mission in Yemen is biased in favour of the Houthi-Saleh rebel militias for it depends on "misleading information from the rebels without referring to the government or even depending on information from the field or on fact-finding teams."

The source said the crisis of fuel emerged "following the militias' decision to afloat the prince of fuel and restrict the importation right to a number of black market dealers in the provinces they control; measures that sent the price of one liter of oil to YR 1,000 at repeated times," elaborated the source.

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