The politicians who cry "wolf wolf"

The politicians who cry "wolf wolf"

By Qays Naaman (Opinion )

Many politicians, local and international, cannot mentioned the world "Yemen" without associating it with terrorism and terrorists, global threat and the related phrases. 

The terror threat and groups in Yemen are still closer to non-existence than to existence despite the ground being very fertile for extremist beliefs now; poverty, despair and lack of state presence.

Al-Qaeda and ISIL are fortunately not holding any significant territorial footholds at the moment, maybe not even village thanks to the awareness of the Yemeni people. Despite that politicians, international and local ones unfortunately seem to identify Yemen only with terrorism and extremism, the threat that itself is extremely exaggerated.

Fortunately in Yemen, al-Qaeda cannot take swaths of lands anymore especially after the godfather of terror organizations the ousted dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh has been weakened.

Saleh is still capable of masterminding and sponsoring limited terrorist attacks in government-held provinces but not to the level of handing over military camps and whole cities to al-Qaeda as he did in Abyan in 2011. 

Hadi's government and the Arab Coalition have put an end to the game that Saleh used to play; recapturing Abyan and Hadhramout back from Saleh's agents, Ansar al-Shariaa. 

The Yemeni people are mindful of this fact, appreciate it and feel lucky. Yet the people's extreme frustration as a result economic hardship, itself a result of the political and military deadlock in the war with Saleh's regime remains a potential ground for the resurgence of violent extremism.

A more dangerous extremism that is more real than the politically motivated and sponsored terrorism of Saleh.

The continuity of the humanitarian misery and starvation may make it easier for militants to recruit vulnerable people and form into militant groups that can destabilize the country and reverse all the achieved gains, God forbid.

It is time for the world to help Yemen close the chapter of Saleh and his loyalist extremist religious group of Houthis, who disrupted Yemen's historical transformation to a democratic federal state in 2014.

The shortest and easies road to peace in Yemen is this; to implement the UN resolutions by hook or by crook.

This is better for the international community than to stand by idly and cry "terror..terror."

Terrorists in Yemen are not a big number and cannot sweep territories like ISIL in Iraq and Syria.  Largely, they seem to operate more individually as " lone wolves" than as organized groups.

Let's seize this opportunity, support Prime Minister Ahmed bin-Daghr's government to accomplish the country's liberation, re-supply Taiz with services and pay the largely unpaid salaries to the country's public servicemen and start filling the vacuum with a state.

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