Famine makes debut in besieged Taiz

Famine makes debut in besieged Taiz

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Until Wednesday, for the people of Taiz, the image of a man so weakened by hunger to be able to stand was only seen in the media as images from famine-stricken African countries or painted in the minds upon hearing media reports warning of an imminent famine in Yemen as a result of the years long conflict.

On Thursday, however, the people of the city besieged by the Houthi-Saleh radical rebels woke up to starvation making its debut appearance.

A number of people crowded around a young man whom hunger has changed him beyond recognition lying down on the sidewalk of the street in downtown Taiz.

The man appeared so frail and skinny that his ribs and all bones and joints visibly protruding to the level that one cannot guess his age.

 "I am hungry. I am hungry," eyewitnesses quoted him as uttering slowly with difficulty.

Out of their initiative the bystanders took him to Al-Thawra state-run hospital.

 Taiz been under continually shelling and constant siege by the forces of the former dictator Ali Saleh and Houthis, an extremist Shiit Islamist militia, both forming an alliance to prevent the government from restoring power and territories that they had been gradually encroaching upon from Saada southwards since 2011. 

The militias besieging the heavily populated city of Taiz have been barring the entry of relief aid to the city for nearly three years. The suffering of the city's people is made worse by the government's failure to pay the salaries of public servicemen for a year now, despite several promises.

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