Houthis force Saadis to store weapons in their houses

Houthis force Saadis to store weapons in their houses


Houthis have forced the population of Sohar, Baqem, Dhahynan and Haydan districts of Saada to store the rebel militias' weapons in their houses as a warfare tactic to keep them scattered in smaller quantities than concentrated in few larger depots and be vulnerable to Arab Coalition airstrikes.

Local sources told the Saudi daily al-Watan that Abu Ali al-Hakem the chief of the rebel government's Intelligence apparatus, who comes from Saada, ordered the local population to accommodate landmines and weapons in their houses and also Iran provided and improved ballistic missiles in their farms from where they are dispatched into use upon demand.

The rebels have been fighting the internationally recognized and Arab-backed government of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi since 2015

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