Houthi militias recruited 4000 women fighters, says HOOD

Houthi militias recruited 4000 women fighters, says HOOD


The Houthi rebel militia allied with the former dictator Ali Saleh in fighting the government has recruited 4000 women fighters under the age of 18 years to radicalize them to carry out terror attacks; intimidations and murders within the parts of the country that the radical militias control, Hood Organization for Human Rights said on Saturday.

Hood's Coordinator in Saba federal region Saleem Allaw said his organization "verified the number and age of recruited women using their certificates of birth" and that for some of the women HOOd managed in its own way to obtain their death certificates.

"Using women in guerrilla warfare is a crime regardless of their age," he said. "The government has to move and raise the issue internationally for the documented violations against women and children have increased a lot," he adds.

Allaw said the militias' leaders "shall be prosecuted internationally" and not get away with it.

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